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Jolly Junebug

Jolly Junebug pic 2Junebug, a young Catahoula mix, was brought to a local shelter with a broken leg after being hit by a car. Even on three legs she won the heart of every person she met by greeting them with a tail wag and kiss. A courageous, kind-hearted dog, she never let the pain stop her from cuddling up with a new friend.

A trip to Cornell University Hospital for Animals showed that Junebug’s leg was broken into several pieces.  The fracture was bad enough to warrant amputation, but thanks to a collaboration between the Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program, the SPCA, and the orthopedic surgical team at Cornell Hospital, Junebug was able to receive the special surgery needed to save her leg. Even though she required a lot of post-operative nursing care to begin healing, the energetic pup was up and walking the very next day!

After recovering from a broken leg and being spayed, Junebug became available for adoption and was adopted into a loving home with a veterinary student almost immediately. We wish them both great happiness and many long years together.

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