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Maddie Dog

Maddie Pic secondary pageSweet Maddie, a female mixed-breed dog about a year old, was brought to the SPCA of Tompkins County by a good Samaritan after she had been abandoned by her previous owner.  When Maddie arrived at the shelter, she had a high fever and swollen, painful mammary glands. Maddie was very lethargic and not interested in food.  After examination by veterinarians and students from the Cornell Shelter Medicine Program, Maddie was diagnosed with mastitis, or a mammary gland infection.

After a few days of treatment with antibiotics, pain medications, subcutaneous fluids, and plenty of TLC from the SPCA staff and medical team, Maddie is recovering well.  Her appetite and energy level are improved, and her wonderful gentle personality has won over everyone who has worked with her.  Maddie is well on her way to a full recovery, and one step closer to finding her new forever home! backMaddie Pic (2) secondary page